Why was I not accepted into Shop?

Polyvore Business -

Thank you for your interest in advertising with Polyvore. 

Our Shop area is curated to both meet the needs of our community and optimize the program for our participating merchants.  The most common reasons a brand may not be approved for our Shop include:

  • There are too few products available for sale on the site
  • Site only features products from a niche category where we already has sufficient coverage or low demand from our community
  • Products on the site do not align well with our community preferences

Unfortunately we are a small team and unable to reply to specific questions on the criteria used to evaluate your site for Shop inclusion.  Please know that our advertising criteria is always evolving, and if we find that you are a good fit for our program in the future we will be sure to contact you directly.

In the meantime, we encourage you to stay active in our Polyvore community through creating your own content and following other members. For tips and best practices outside of advertising opportunities, please visit our Getting Started documentation on our Business Site.

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